Thank You Doctors.

If anyone ever ask me have I met angels, my answer will certainly go to ‘Yes’. I’ve seen them. They’re: PB Roy Sir from Surgery,

Kamol Krishna Uncle (explicit instruction to address so) from ENT, Pradip Dutta Sir from Nephrology, Sheuli Majumdar Ma’am from Neuro Medicine, L.A. Kaderi Sir from Neuro Surgery, Rokeya Ma’am from Gynae, Khalid Hasan Sir from Medicine, (Late) Mansur Khalil Sir, Kanta Roy ma’am from Anatomy. Making an end to that list will be hard for me today as Countless name

s on my angels list.

We carry out our ‘Bangaliana’ trend enjoying ‘Panta-Ilish’, Going out with loved ones but they carry on Hospital duty in ‘Pahela Baishakh’. Our Year beginning doesn’t bring any difference to them than regular on-duty days. We celebrate our year beginning, we wear our favorite color, going out in Panjabi and ‘Basanti color Sharee’, when they’re busy with the treatment of an ‘Adrenal Crisis’ patient.

We get ourselves busy with our loved ones in messenger, messages from their (Doctors) loved ones are left seen with no reply as They are busy to cure ‘heart’ of their MI patients.

We feel breeze with our beloved touring out for hill station while they are busy to reduce the distress of a COPD patient. We wanna enjoy our EID, chill out with friends and family, taste Semai, Payesh, Biriyani as much as we can and they always pull their duty. They feel irrepressible urge to cure patient who come with ‘acute abdomen’ or ‘abdominal perforation’. Only a doctor is there beside us when ‘Cataract’ fades out our colorful world to gray one.
A woman finds her life most meaningful being a mom, Who will be there when a Mom finds her at hospital in late night due to Obstructed labor? In case of Fetal Distress or Eclampsia, who will be at her bed side?

Isn’t S/he is a Dental Surgeon who keeps him/herself busy to perform RCT (Adult) or Pulpectomy (Child) when patient suffer from unbearable Dental Pain Caused by Acute Irreversible Pulpitis.

We pass our Eid/Puja vacations with loved one, they can only reach out to their surgical apparatus. They put on little smile and pull on their duty as if Gloves become Henna & Stethoscope takes place for locket. All of these sacrifice they do to cure a patient in minimum possible time. And we forget their human part easily, wonder why they can’t bring my patient back from death. We, people need them at our crucial moment of life and it’d be a dishonor to their contribution to a patient if I think I can write it here. If a patient needs to see his/her savior angel at late night beside his/her bed, it can only be a doctor.

Our behavior has not been so pleasant to them though we know them as a friend in need. They pass their bad times, we won’t oblige to share those. Being molested and mentally distressed, S/he finds own self in a path for a loner. Shameless behavior from governing body to abandon them, tends them to leave job, turning their back to their own home and going to abroad. I’ve seen very few of us being their well-wishers while they are facing all of these. Doesn’t a doctor belong to our society? Can we think of living our life without them? What if all of them decide to pull off their duty for a single day? Can we imagine what it will be? It seems media doesn’t focus their sufferings as a part of the society.

Wrong treatment is the most common complain against them. But how can a non-medical person judge them without proper medical knowledge?

If you think I’m interested in praising them as I have my fiancé studying medical science, please don’t. I haven’t written this for any medel or prize neither I want to be a celebrity among their community. It’s not like this large status will reverse their situation. I’m just trying to put me in their shoes in an embarrassing situation & feel their feelings. Our ‘butchers’ are sacrificing their happiness, festivals so happy smile lit up our faces.

I beg all of you to pray for my grumpy and sleepy-mind fiancé (She’ll kill me after reading this & I’m dying to die on her hand) as she needs to sacrifice herself for humanity. I wish she will have my support all along. I need to be her trusted one who will stand beside her in her path of sacrifice. Being brought up as a middle class family child, I can’t assure to fund her fully for her FRCS/MRCP. But I can promise her Dinner ready & the finest breakfast on table when there’ll be (her) night duty. I want her to utter proudly, ‘My husband is a non-medical’.

Near the end of my thoughts, but need to say few more. All profession needs a human to be intelligent and hard-working. Success won’t be achieved without harmony of both. But being a doctor requires pursuit too. Almighty doesn’t make us all equal to be worthy to be a doctor.
I can do very little from my academic background (Economics) for them. Perhaps my empty-worth academic qualification makes me only to post a lengthy status and nothing else. But if it seems that I can help in any way, please send a word.


I’ll be there, I promise.


Shawkat Ali Sadi,

A Non-Medical, A friend.

Shawkat Ali Sadi সম্পর্কে

পড়ছি অর্থনীতিতে। যদিও অর্থ নীতি মেনে চলে তা বিশ্বাস করি না। স্বাধীনচেতা, অন্যমনা, নিস্বঙ্গচারী। কোলাহল থেকে দূরে আড়ালে থাকতে ভালবাসি।
এই লেখাটি পোস্ট করা হয়েছে চিন্তাভাবনা-এ। স্থায়ী লিংক বুকমার্ক করুন।

মন্তব্য করুন

আপনার ই-মেইল এ্যাড্রেস প্রকাশিত হবে না। * চিহ্নিত বিষয়গুলো আবশ্যক।